Low-rise construction

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Finishing works


Industrial equipment supplies


Our team’s world view



Providing high-class services and qualitative fulfilment of complex tasks


Design planning and individual approach to each Customer

Examples of works performed

“Techopttorg” employees have experience of 5 to 28 years in construction, engineering and finishing works, and in procurement of materials and equipment required for the Customer at reduced prices. By trusting us in fulfillment of various complex tasks You can be sure in responsible and qualitative approach to them!

Fundamental basis for our work


The possibility to perform construction works by installments, and to supply materials with delay in payment under pledge obligations

Legal framework

Establishment of arrangements in the document determines level and completeness of trust between all parties of negotiation process


Establishment in invoices and contract of provisions on warranty periods for all services rendered, supplied equipment and materials.


Observance of contract terms and timely equipment supply

Fundamental principles of work with partners

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